We work with clients from all over the world to create unique experiences

Events are inherently stressful, complicated and expensive.  You have just one chance to get it right. Most people quickly realize they are overwhelmed, in over their heads, or simply don’t have the time in the day to attend to the business of planning an event. 

This is where True North Event Co. can help you. In metaphysical terminology, True North is considered an orienting point, a fixed point in a spinning world.  Your True North is considered your internal compass that comes from your deepest values and principals.  Just as your internal compass keeps you on track, the True North Event Co. team mission is to support you in creating an event experience that is a reflection of who you are and what matters most.

We work hard to "get you" and the environment you want to create.  Once the vision is clear, we fixate on the steps to bring your vision to life.

Jennie Janzen, Principal

Jennie believes in the power of detail, that with proper attention to the small stuff you can achieve big things.

Jennie is a sixth generation Californian, with 12 years experience planning events that began when she returned to her native San Francisco after completing college at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jennie finds personal value in her work by acting as an instrument for her clients in utilizing and planning their important moments and events.

Never one to shy away from offering her opinion when asked, Jennie enjoys really getting to know her clients on a personal level and becoming part of the family.

Her favorite events are not only nice to look at, but are also FUN.

When she is not on the road planning events, Jennie lives in San Francisco with her Blue Heeler pup, Wynona.  She loves lazy park days, spicy cocktails, catching live music, skiing all over the Western US, and finding the best vegetarian cuisine that San Francisco has to offer.