Bars and Parties go hand-in-hand.  Whether you are serving grape juice and soda water (excuse me while I sneak out the bathroom window) or pulling out all the stops for a rager, getting bevies into the hands of your guests at social functions is top order.

The bar is likely the one place that every single person in your party will visit, so it’s the ideal place to take to your event to the next level.  

For the Home Bar

Get creative with what you serve.  Go beyond the specialty cocktail, which frankly at this point is no longer a creative idea in its own right.  Instead, try advancing a subtle theme with your liquor and what you serve will then provide cohesiveness to your event and create conversation.

The culinary creatives at Jessica Lasky Catering came up with the creative idea of using all local product to stock your bar.  In the Bay Area we are blessed (#blessed even) with some fantastic distilleries and breweries.   Consider a Vodka from St. George in Alameda, a Gin from Distillery 209 in SF’s Mission Bay, or a Whiskey from Stillwater Spirits in Petaluma.   Pair your booze with some kegs from Magnolia Brewery (I like the Kalifornia Kolsh and the Proving Ground IPA) or some Fort Point Cans as your beer options. And when it comes to wine and your trillion local options, we always head over to K&L Wines and let them select the perfect party selections for our budget.

For the Office Bar

We’ve all seen the plastic folding table backed up against the wall in a tech startup.  To this I say No More!  Increase your employee’s bar user experience by A) throwing a tablecloth on that table you animal and B) Creating a back bar to place liquor, extra glassware and decor.  The Back Bar can be as simple as these ever present Ikea Shelves or a more Elaborate Ikea Hack like THIS ONE.  Or simply rent a set-up from a company like this from Blueprint Studios.

For the Big-Day Bar

If cocktails are an important to you, considering giving it as much attention as you would any other table. Talk to your planner or designer about putting a bar in the center of the room as a focal point, or changing it’s shape.  Some fun inspiration can be found here : 

For the Literally Anywhere Bar

If this isn’t cool then I don’t know what it is.  Call a guy about a bar.  Order Bar shows up and give you all the drinks. BAR LOOKS COOL.  You look cool for finding such a rad bar. Everybody is talking about how cool you are. Party success!!

Happy Planning,


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