Well it's on Instagram . . so I guess it's officially official; I've rebranded and changed my business name to True North Event Co.  Why you might ask? Well this post will tell you a little bit about my refresh and what it means to me.

When I launched Jennie J. Events in 2013 I chose the name because I simply couldn't think of anything I liked better. It's common in my industry for Event Planners to name their businesses after themselves, so I made a quick decision and went to work on building the business from the ground up. 

I plugged along for a couple years working solely on weddings, but then my business began to evolve.  I began working with more and more corporate clients, planning retreats and company events, and I loved how this new business expanded on the creative weddings I had been focusing on for the past 10+ years.  On top of that, I was attracting people who wanted to shift the traditional wedding paradigm and genuinely do it their own way. As my more diversified portfolio expanded, it became obvious to me that my current business name and identity were no longer in alignment.

Again, I struggled to find a name.

After a solid month of brainstorming and searching the all knowing for guidance, I received three pieces of advice that finally flipped my switch :

  • What do you want to SAY about what you do for your clients?
  • Pick something that resonates with YOU and don’t worry about how it will be interpreted
  • People are going to ask you why you named your business what you did, so might as well make sure there is an interesting and meaningful story behind it

So let's pretend you actually ASKED me these questions :)

An Event Planner is many jobs rolled up into one, but the role that I’ve always felt TRULY adds value to my clients is that of an Expert Consultant.   

Events are inherently stressful, complicated, and expensive things.  You only get one chance to get it right, and most people quickly realize they are overwhelmed and in over their heads.  While many clients just don’t have the time in the day to do the planning work, it’s the guidance and direction I provide that brings my clients the most relief and overall value.

Cutting through all the noise, defining the vision, and bringing clarity and simplicity to the planning process all goes into helping my clients realize THEIR OWN VISION.  This friends, has always been what I have been in the business of doing, although I had struggled to define it up until now.

Ultimately my most cherished relationship I have with my clients is that of a guide on their own path.  They come to me with a lot of excitement, and a whole host of problems, and using my years of experience, I show them their own way.  Once that directional imagery was in my head, the name True North was the only thing that sounded right.

True North (unlike Magnetic North) will guide you from South to North and back again by following a map’s geographical lines.   True North is an orienting point - a fixed point in a spinning world.   In metaphysical terminology, your True North is considered your internal compass, derived from your most deeply held values and principals that help you stay on track. 

My own True North is to act as an instrument for my clients to utilize in planning their most important moments and experiences.

Being of service in this way brings value to my life and what I do.  And it is my Truey-est Northy-est hope that with this re-launch, that I will continue to be a guide to my clients in even bigger and better ways than I have before!!

Wishing you all happy and productive 2017, and an expedient and joyful journey to your own True North in this new year.



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